Wilmington insurrection of 1898 - The time when white supremacists overthrew a government (26 views / 0 comments/ 0 members / )

The hidden history of an American coup.

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Correction at 7:23: Cynthia's ancestors lived in Wilmington, not her descendants.

In November 1898, in Wilmington, North Carolina, a mob of 2,000 white men expelled black and white political leaders, destroyed the property of the city’s black residents, and killed dozens--if not hundreds--of people. How did such a turn of events change the course of the city? For decades, the story of this violence was buried, while the perpetrators were cast as heroes. Yet its impacts resonate across the state to this day.

In the new Vox series Missing Chapter, Vox Senior Producer Ranjani Chakraborty revisits underreported and often overlooked moments from the past to give context to the present. Join her as she covers the histories that are often left out of our textbooks. Our first season tackles stories of racial injustice, political conflicts, even the hidden history of US medical experimentation.

also see: https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Wilmington_insurrection_of_1898

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